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Accreditation and Philosophy

Due to CoVid-19, there are no in-person services at this time. All sessions will continue to be remote. 

Students in grades 7 & 8, high school, university, plus adults are welcome.

See you soon! Donna

Coaching Philosophy 


I work with you to use your strengths to help with your needs.


Credentials and Certifications
"Some people look at the world and say 'why'? Some people look at the world and say 'why not'?"  ~ George Bernard Shaw


I'm one of those people who questions 'why not'? I love ideas and learning, plus sharing a variety of strategies in order to support the learning of others. More tools in your toolbox – will help you make better choices!


I am a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) with over a dozen years experience teaching and facilitating in schools and business venues. I get yearly Police Record Checks. Some of my credentials include the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Philosophy)


  • Bachelor of Education




  • Life Coaching


  • Guidance Counseling


  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)


  • TESL Grammar Specialization


  • Health & Physical Education

  • Writing courses: Ryerson and London School of Journalism


Ministry of Education/College/University Courses/Programs


  • Special Education (Special Education Resource Teacher or SERT)


  • Career Counseling


  • Media & Librarianship


  • Journalism (published freelance writer)




  • Life Coaching/Counseling


  • Reading & Writing (journals, articles, stories, novels)


  • Movies – all genres (especially Mystery & Sci-Fi)


  • Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, spelunking


  • Love of nature…

Let's get started!
I look forward to hearing from you.
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